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Relax & Connect with Nature on Bribie Island

Beautiful Bribie Island is a well-established Queensland holiday destination, and has been popular with families and day visitors for many years. Only an hour’s drive from Brisbane and the only island in the Moreton Bay Region connected to the mainland by  bridge, it’s an easy weekend escape for visitors to enjoy one of the many beautiful beaches and attractions this idyllic location has to offer.

What most people do not know however, is that outside of school holidays and weekends, Bribie is a tranquil island, making for a peaceful and relaxing escape away from the crowds. Accommodation on Bribie Island can offer special midweek rates and package deals A week-day getaway means you have the best of both worlds – a serene island escape avoiding the crowds, and you can also find an accommodation bargain.

The island is a nature lover’s paradise, with a diverse range of marine life, bird life, beaches, bush walks and spectacular scenery. There is so much to see…it can be hard choosing what to do!

Pumicestone Passage

The stunning Pumicestone Passage is the body of water that runs between the mainland and the island, and the warm waters of this Marine Park provide a home for sea-turtles, dugongs and dolphins. You don’t have to wander far from your Bribie Island accommodation to enjoy these spectacles of nature – in fact, dolphins can be seen throughout the year gracefully gliding through the water as you sit back and relax on your Bribie hotel balcony. The Passage has a small population of dugongs, and on a calm day they can be easily sighted when they pop their nose up out of the water to breathe. Turtles can also be spotted in the waters of Bribie. They nest from Red Beach at the southern end of the island, right around to the northern tip on the surf side. Quite often, hatchlings of nesting loggerhead turtles can been seen making their way to the ocean.

Another natural spectacle to behold is the march of the Blue Soldier Crabs! Twice daily as the tide comes in along the shores of Bribie Island, a miniature migration occurs that is very unusual to watch. These little blue critters can be seen in their thousands moving up the sand to the safety of their homes. It can appear ‘other-worldly’ and it’s definitely worth checking out the tide times so you can witness this natural phenomenon.

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Mecca for Bird-Watchers

Bribie Island is also a mecca for bird-watchers and is home to more than 300 bird species.  Pumicestone Passage is recognised as one of the most important bird habitats on the east coast of Australia! The island attracts migratory birds from all over the world and visitors descend for this reason alone. For the serious bird-watcher, there are two bird hides that can be accessed – Buckley’s Hole in Bongaree and Kakadu Bird Hide at Banksia Beach. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Prefect for relaxation, Bribie’s location also offers the advantage of exclusive views of the majestic Glasshouse Mountains. A sunset stroll along the Bongaree Esplanade or Sylvan Beach foreshore will reward you with this magnificent view. Each day brings a new inspirational sunset experience, making it a photographer’s dream.

Wherever your accommodation is located on Bribie Island, you will find a stunning beach closeby where you can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating walks (particularly at sunrise and sunset). As well as feeling the sand between your toes, Bribie Island offers a series of walking tracks.

Bicentennial Trails

The Bicentennial Trails are a series of short easy walks that total 3.8km, and begin near the Community Arts Centre. They take in eucalypt forests, paperbark wetlands, and wallum heathlands. You can walk the entire circuit or branch-off down the various trails, all of which are classed as ‘easy’. Bongaree Walkabout is another self-guided walk in the heart of Bongaree close to most Bribie Island accommodation. You can pick up maps for these self-guided walks at the Bribie Island Information Centre.

Taking a mid-week break on Bribie Island will guarantee you a relaxing holiday in nature. From beaches to bushwalks, bird-watching and marine-life spotting, sunset photography and gazing at the majestic Glasshouse Mountains. Relax and stay in comfortable accommodation with everything close at hand. Take a look at our Bribie Island mid-week accommodation deals.